Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Women

Nutritional supplements for every life stage of Womanhood

AnaStellar Brands is a South African Women-owned Pharmaceutical Company that develops, manufactures and markets Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Women.

The AnaStellar Brands Story

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for every stage of our Journey as Women

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About Us

AnaStellar Brands was born in August 2016 and our SME is extremely proud to be able to directly employ 110 Team Members, 80% of which are Women, who are, in most cases, the “breadwinners” of their families. Each of our Team Members has at least 3 to 5 dependants, and through the third-party contractors that we use, our SME supports at least 350 people along our value chain!

We are passionate about job creation and local manufacture, and all our Brands are proudly manufactured and packaged with love in      South Africa

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What We Do

AnaStellar Brands is a South African Women-owned SME whose main business is the development, manufacturing, marketing, and sale of innovative Brands in the FMCG, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Sectors.

The AnaStellar Brands Range of Products has been developed for Women by Women, considering the various stages of Womanhood (Don’t worry, some of our products can be used by men too!). 

Our Key Focus when developing our AnaStellar Brands Products, is on adding VALUE to our customers when they make use of our Brands. We design our Products to be comprehensive and convenient and we are rapidly establishing ourselves as a trusted go-to Company for Women’s Health Matters. We believe in Health, Beauty, and Well-being for Every Stage of our Journey as Women.

Our Product Ranges