Social Responsibility

AnaStellar Brands’ ethos is centered on Female Entrepreneurship and Job Creation.

“Give a Person a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach a Person to fish, and you feed them for a Lifetime.”
– Unknown Author

We believe the start to meaningful change in South Africa starts with our children. 

Entrepreneurs have a huge role in our communities especially when there is a high unemployment rate. Entrepreneurship creates jobs. 

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Chartwell Entrepreneurship & Leadership School (CELS) under the leadership of Principal Simon White is answering this call for entrepreneurship to empower our children with an education programme that encourages gifted children from underprivileged backgrounds to develop their entrepreneurial skills. These children are taught business and life skills in their curriculum to encourage and nourish a generation of people who do not look for jobs but go out and create them.

“Entrepreneurship fosters creativity, employment opportunities and economic growth.”

If you would like to assist the next generation of young South African Entrepreneurs, please go to their website:

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Growing Champions NPO is a youth mentoring programme in the business of changing lives of our youth based in Northcliff and Soweto. Their passionate team of professionals volunteer their services, to provide the scaffold for children born into the depth of poverty, criminal rings, addiction, violence, and abuse to rise and free themselves of the shackles of their inheritance. Growing Champions provide a 7-step programme which involves education, sport, trauma therapy and personal development with spiritual growth.

To learn more about Growing Champions, please go to their website:

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