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Nutrient Support for Skin prone to Blemishes & Dark Spots.

Using Vitamin C for Dark Spots.

Blemishes and Dark Spots, also known as Hyperpigmentation, are common skin concerns that can affect people of all skin types and ages. Blemishes can refer to any type of spot, including acne scars, while Hyperpigmentation specifically refers to areas of skin that are darker than the surrounding skin. These Dark Spots can be caused by a variety of factors, including sun damage, hormonal changes, and inflammation. Proper skincare, such as using sunscreen and avoiding excessive sun exposure, can help prevent the formation of new Blemishes and Hyperpigmentation. 


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With Vitamin C, Glutathione and Vitamin B3 for Blemished Skin.

Promotes hair growth, thickness and strength. Prevents and reduces hair loss.

Brightens skin tone.

Regulates production of Melanin (skin pigment).

Improves skin appearance and elasticity. Prevents dry skin by reducing water loss.

Increases nail thickness and hardness.

HyperMETICS™ could be of benefit for:

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