How do I prevent Osteoporosis?

Author: Michelle Dateling (B.Optom, Dip.Sports Vision; MBA)

Osteoporosis literally means “porous bone”. It is a salient disease where the bones gradually become weaker and weaker, causing changes in posture and making the individual extremely susceptible to fracture. It is generally more common in Females (1 in 3) than Males (1 in 5).

The most effective way to aid in the prevention of Osteoporosis is by supplementing with Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D as well as Vitamin K2. All 4 of these vitamins and minerals work synergistically to support the formation and maintenance of strong healthy bones. A product like Opti-CAL has an added innovative ingredient called Type 1 Hydrolysed Collagen that allows the product to not only assist with Bone Strength but also the Bone Flexibility, where bones are less likely to become brittle and break but rather become strong and flexible.

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