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#stellarmamababytip: Leigh and Jetaiya

“Go with the flow. Let your baby set the pace. They know when they are ready to do certain things. They will reach ‘milestones’ in their own time. Our daughter hates tummy time, which is essential for strengthening the neck and getting them ready to crawl. She wanted nothing to do with it. She loved being on her back and rolling from side to side and eventually, slowly she started to accept being on her tummy. She was adamant on standing first before crawling. We let her do her thing and now she speeds around on all fours. She still pulls herself up on things and wants to stand but she realizes she gets to places quicker by crawling. Babies...

#stellarmamababytip: Sandipa and Sonalia

“You should go with your instinct when you are dealing with these tiny things! Most of the time everyone has different advice and it can be difficult to keep up! If you feel that something is wrong with the little one, then it probably is – go see your doctor and stop reading Google!” #stellarmamababytip

#stellarmamababytip: Leigh-Ann and Jayden

“Everyone will give you advice, and it will all be conflicting, plus you will read so many different books and articles. To not get overwhelmed by it all I suggest finding – one book that you will rely on; one friend who has had a little one recently whose advice you trust; and one “go to person” (like your mom or bestie) whose shoulder you can cry on when you need to. That is really all you need! To everyone else just smile and nod politely.” #stellarmamababytip